Why the Anti-Narcissist?

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I define things by their antithesis.

I can’t commit, can’t settle down and can’t focus.

It’s a jumble of tensions. Isn’t so much easier to define yourself according to whom you are not rather than who you are? I don’t think very many of us naturally tie ourselves down to definitions. But to my core of cores, I am a follower of Jesus Christ. As a disciple of  the Christian Way, it’s implicit that I do unto others as I would have them do unto me. Barreling along through pop culture, though, it’s so hard to pause, breathe, reflect and have a sanctified God-centred moment.

So while the cultural zeitgeist pushes us downstream in a cultural current that trumpets “be self-aware, self-actualize, self-potentialize!” I share a journey in learning how to serve. This is how I wind up captured by a crazy grace that teaches me, against my will, and yet in perfect alignment with who I really was meant to be, to look outside of myself.

It took courage to peg myself down with a direction and title: sub-headings and links, pictures and words. But it’s God’s design that I write and record pieces of this journey to give Him glory. So I submit. Albeit in a sneaky little way that slides a definition in by the skin of its teeth, by an antonym.

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  1. This so captures the beautiful contradictions of the grace to the gospel. Found but still always seeking. Love the description of our culture too.

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