The Year Everyone Moved


Photo credit: solomon hsu @the_solimonster

Photo credit: solomon hsu @the_solimonster

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Moving is never fun. But I’m an expert now.

In 2013, I lived through moving purgatory. I jammed couches into elevators, carried dismantled TVs up and down stairs, tossed pantyhose and neckties into cardboard boxes, and retrieved spare change, dust-bunnies and lost pens from many a nook and cranny. I packed, dusted, sorted, and presided over garage sales all year long.

I also danced with the green-eyed monster. 2013 was the Year of the Great Move and I was the resident moving girl. My brother got a job with Google and moved to San Francisco. My sister-in-law bought a condo in a celebrity neighbourhood. My sister upgraded from a paltry 600 to a luxurious 1500 square feet, complete with dream kitchen. My parents renovated their apartment for resale. One of my best friends moved from a dingy basement suite to the top floor of an airy, italian-styled house, complete with back patio and standalone garage.

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