My Ridiculous Tantrum (aka God’s Unending Patience)


Photo taken from the cover of the lovely children’s book, “The Bad Mood” by Moritz Petz

Meet grumpy badger. He so aptly represents my latest (very immature) huff against God. Who would have thought that my wacky emotions could resonate so deeply with so many women out there! I’m grateful that God could turn my honesty into something encouraging for all of you.

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How to Fight Anxiety and Frustration With Powerful Prayer

I had tried my best. I was going to be all heroic, self-sacrificing and understanding.

I’d seen single moms do it, I’d seen some of my neighbors do it, and I’d even heard tell of a legendary pastor’s wife from our neighborhood who drove her children for 9 hours straight, making only one gas stop and making her children pee in a bucket so that they could make their destination in time.

Hey, if she could do it, I could do it. I was going to take my kids camping, alone, without my husband.

Please don’t cringe. Resist throwing your laptop/tablet/smartphone halfway across the room in frustration at my stereotypical female dependence. But truly, all my life, I had always had the safety of a husband, father or brother to happily take care of things like oil changes and camping plans. I simply never had to do it myself.

And now I found myself sitting behind the driver seat, my head on the steering wheel, swear words parading through my head like a terrible little cascade of gremlins. I was seriously on the brink of tears.

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