What I Learned From Laser Eye Surgery

Three years ago, I was liberated from the tyranny of glasses! After that very first-world surgery, I wrote this very first-world post which, in hindsight is kind of silly and trivial…but also honest and good. Enjoy this light-hearted jaunt down memory lane!

In the Words of Yours Truly, Eye-glass Wonderwoman, circa June, 2015:

It’s amazing how allowing myself one small comfort leads me to desire more small comforts—and before long, I’ve become spoiled and coddled. Let me explain.glasses

I’ve had coke-bottle-lens glasses for as long as I can remember. I’ve never been able to see more than six inches in front of my face without squinting (or without wearing some sort of lenses). Needless to say, getting laser eye surgery has always been a secret dream.

When I turned 35, the dream became a reality. We had money saved away! I had two weeks of vacation time set away for surgery recovery! It was my birthday! New eyes, here I come!

But a “dream-come-true” is also often a “dream-with-catches”. Recovery time was looong…and a doozy. Two weeks after surgery, I could drive, cook, and clean. But computer work? Not a chance. Computer work was still so visually challenging that my desk job morphed into one huge chore. And I lost my favorite pleasure: the ability to curl up for the evening with a book on my lap, a scented candle by my side.

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