Driven to Distraction…(umm literally)

Photo Credit Solomon Hsu

Photo Credit Solomon Hsu

There is one video that made me break the law. Truly.

It’s a video of me and my church dance team performing on a Sunday morning. Immediately after dancing at church that day, fresh from the glow of a paparazzi-like shower of congratulations, I left the building to drive my son to a birthday party.

My team had worked on this piece for four months. I had worked twice as hard as everyone else—my natural lack of coordination demands that much. “God, use our dance to bring the joy of the Lord and to give You glory,” we had prayed before performing.

But I am just as naturally un-coordinated as I am naturally prone to glory-hogging.

It had been thrilling for a life-long klutz like me to be decked out for the first time in hip-hop gear, all hard-core and ready to rock the stage. And how thrilling it had been to look out from the stage to see a row of loved ones at the back of the sanctuary—filming! So although it was only a short drive to the birthday party after church that day, I was impatient to gloat over the video of our recent dance success. Itching to relive the moment, I caved in. When a red light freed me to take my hands off the wheel, I picked up my smartphone (just touching a phone while you’re driving is illegal where we live)… and I clicked play.

My “celebrity” glow crashed to a humbling halt. The corner of my caught not one, but four police motorcycles flashing blue and red in the lane right beside me.

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